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At Right Way we strive to be different from the rest. We work hard to correct the many misconceptions of home warranties. We start by offering simple, clear and understandable home warranty options. Most importantly, we respect you as both a client and a partner. For us you are not simply a number. You are our business. From purchasing a plan tailored for your needs, to supporting you through any problem you may experience, we will always be there.

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What We Cover

Heating & A/C

Electric central air conditioning systems, gas or electric central heating systems, heat pumps, mini-split systems, and [...]

Electrical Systems

Wiring, conduit, outlets, switches, panels and subpanels that are attached to home, circuit breakers, fuses, GFI circuit breakers, junction boxes [...] .

Plumbing Systems

Leaks or breaks in water, gas, drain, sewer or vent lines that located within the perimeter of the main house foundation, faucets, shower heads, shower arms, [...]

Water Heaters

Gas or electric water heaters including tankless water heaters, water tank leaks or rupture, thermostat assembly parts and components, [...]


Dishwasher ,Range/Cooktop/Oven , Garbage Disposal [...]

and more

Common appliances, garbage disposals, trash compactors, ceiling and exhaust fans, central vacuum systems, pest and termite control, re-key service, pre-emergent lawn weed control, lawn weed kill treatments, lawn fertilization service [...] .

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Do you remember the days when home warranty companies clearly explained what they covered and covered what they stated? Well, Right Way Home Protection still does. We also realize that a good customer service experience is the key to our longterm future. After all, without customers, we would not exist. Read more

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